Health, Safety, and Well-Being

Episcopal’s Health, Safety, and Well-Being effort is a long-term, community-wide program designed to involve and benefit students, parents, and faculty and staff. The program launched in 2018-2019, and key topics included stress, anxiety, mindfulness, physical health, bullying, social media, gratitude, diversity and tolerance, service, and high-risk behaviors.

This year we are addressing many of the same themes from year one -- self-care, healthy relationships, global awareness, and choice -- with a concentrated focus on “Protecting Your Health.” The school schedule will again devote at least three special activity and event periods per semester to Health, Safety, and Well-Being for students; professional development for faculty and staff; and special events for parents. Topics relating to the Health, Safety, and Well-being effort will continue to be incorporated into Chapel and into Global Community Day. 

Episcopal is partnering with Baptist Health again in 2019-2020. Baptist Health will share expertise related to “Protecting Your Health” with a hands-on practical self-defense workshop… a speaker panel at Beaches Episcopal School, and Mental Health First Aid Training. 

“Episcopal seeks to value and prioritize these issues with a commitment that goes beyond any single year of programming,” said Amy Perkins, Director of Student Services. “We have planned a comprehensive and evolving array of opportunities for students and parents, professional development for faculty and staff, and resources for the entire community.”

Health, Safety, and Well-Being 2019-2020

hg0088管理端"protect your health" is episcopal's 2019-2020 health, safety, and well-being (hsw) theme. programming will explore what it means and how students can protect their health and well-being.

ESJ's first student Heath, Safety, and Well-Being (HSW) event of the 2019-2020 year was September 12 and focused on mental health and suicide prevention. Two guest speakers addressed students. Dr. Elise Fallucco, Chief, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UF Health Department of Psychiatry, addressed Middle School students about anxiety, depression, and coping strategies which promote mental health. Dennis Gillan, mental health advocate and professional speaker, shared his personal message about the importance of suicide prevention and awareness with Upper School students. Mr. Gillan also held a parent session in the afternoon.

in addition, stationary bicycles were installed on esj's kirwan flag plaza so students, faculty, and staff could log miles to support cycle around the globe. faculty, staff, and students were encouraged to ride a few minutes each day as a way to tangibly connect to the need for suicide prevention and awareness around the world. episcopal thanks open road bicycles and health planning council of northeast florida for providing the bicycles and installation. the esj community logged more than 400 miles in two days!

Baptist Health Speaker Series 2018-2019

hg0088管理端click on one of the events below to view more information:

hg0088管理端the high risk behavior/substance abuse and vaping baptist series took place on april 9, 2019 at episcopal school of jacksonville. view the entire event by watching the video below.


Michael Wolf, BSN, RN-BC currently serves as the nurse manager for the Pediatric Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit and the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.  Michael was previously the assistant nurse manager for five years for the Adult Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit at Baptist Health.

hg0088管理端michael is a seasoned and compassionate psychiatric nurse with 17+ years of diverse clinical nursing and progressive leadership experience and he brings with him a wealth of combined adult and pediatric inpatient psychiatric nursing experience to the nurse manager role.  in 2000, he started his nursing career as staff nurse in the ed at mayo clinic jacksonville and transitioned to acute psychiatry in 2004 working as charge nurse in the adolescent and adult inpatient behavioral health units at mhrc and uf-health jacksonville before joining baptist.

michael obtained his bsn from florida state college at jacksonville and he’s currently pursuing his msn at jacksonville university. he is an ancc-certified psychiatric-mental health nurse who is actively involved in various system-wide performance/quality improvement and evidence-based projects, multidisciplinary committees, and magnet initiatives representing behavioral health nursing across baptist health. as an active community volunteer for the national alliance for the mentally ill (nami), michael serves as a family-to-family peer program instructor educating and assisting vulnerable families and their children afflicted with mental disorders.


hg0088管理端as one facet of the health, safety, and well-being program, episcopal offers students a delicious dining experience – one that focuses on healthy food options that are of exceptional quality. the school partners with sage dining services® to offer a “wow” experience with signature concept meals that fit every dietary need. (visit their website: )

Enhanced Dining Experience

The layout in the Buck Student Center is designed to enhance students’ dining experiences and allow them more time to visit with each other and enjoy their food. There is a single, all-inclusive lunch which offers unlimited seconds. Key elements of this experience are the food, the focus on education for students and the technologyhg0088管理端 to support it.


sage makes meals from scratch with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and is particularly mindful of offering many options for students with allergies. several concept stations are located around the buck, and each will offer something different. allergens will be identified at all stations. stations will include: the main ingredient®: hot entrees; improvisations®: salad bar; the classic cuts deli®: meats, cheeses, homemade soups, crossroads: food truck-inspired station at the beak, splashes: beverage station, and mangia! mangia!: hot pizza and pasta.


sage’s philosophy is “variety, balance, and moderation.” their spotlight program helps students make informed decisions about what to eat by using a color coded system to show an item’s nutritional value, based on current usda guidelines. green, yellow and red dots indicate how much and how often foods should appear on a plate. sage and episcopal also offer educational seasoning, a monthly program that brings historical, cultural, and culinary topics to life for our students with informational guides and creative displays. some of this year’s topics include: got gluten? and waste not, want not.


sage offers a mobile app, touch of sage™, to keep parents and students informed of daily meals. online menus, ingredient lists and allergen filters are all options to ensure students find meals that they enjoy and are able to eat. a notification system allows students to input their favorite meals so they know when they are available, and a feedback system allows them to rate and provide feedback on items. in the buck, tablets provide information about what is being offered at the station. monitors will show the day’s offerings.


Ongoing Professional Development

hg0088管理端every faculty and member, coach, and chaperone is required to complete the safeguarding god’s children training that addresses child abuse prevention and awareness, and the prevention of sexual misconduct. the safeguarding program was designed by the church pension group and has been widely adopted by the episcopal church (read more here: ).

emergency and fire drills are conducted on a regular basis during the school year.

in august faculty and staff underwent active shooter training, presented by the jacksonville sheriff’s office, before the start of the 2018 school year. the presentation walked participants through how such an event unfolds and immediate response techniques.

administrators also attended crisis training in august. finn partners, a consulting agency that works closely with schools and universities to manage crisis situations, spent two days with staff, walking through different hypothetical scenarios the school may face. this helped administrators determine areas where adjustments could be made in procedure and identify areas where no changes in protocol are currently needed.



Drug Testing Program FAQ

2019 Random Drug Testing Program FAQs

Vaccine Information

episcopal does not accept religious exemptions for vaccinations in accordance with the policies of the episcopal diocese of florida as of august 2019.

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