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How To Make Pond Fountains More Attractive

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Make a Garden Sanctuary

Most people usually make a garden sanctuary in their backyard. One of the most attractive attributes you can add to your garden is a pond. The pond can be stocked with fish, decorations and plants to make it more interesting for you. Apart from that, the garden pond can be accessorized with pond fountains. Pond fountains give the garden setting a subtle and relaxing touch. There are several ways of making the pond fountains more attractive. Along with a pond fountain, you may want to consider a pond aerator for your pond to keep up aesthetics and water quality.

Although a fountain that jet water into the air looks amazing, you may add a relaxing touch to the pond fountain if you add more levels for the dropping water to descend on. As the water jets out from the fountain top, direct it to cascade slowly down the flat stone level to have a relaxing flow. The addition of the slow-moving waterwheels can also give the water more sense of motion. You can either create a fountain base with many levels on your own, or buy a pre-made kit from the home improvement stores. Another perfect multi-level fountain display option for the garden pond is the waterfall fountain.

Lighting your pond fountain

Lighting your pond fountain at night would liven up the garden sanctuary. Even something as simple as white lighting can work wonders in making your pond fountain look attractive at night. You can install LED lights which change color. Put the color changing lights at the fountain base.

If you love seeing more than one pond fountain, then you can consider installation of multiple fountains to give a better effect. You can either combine different kits to create multiple fountains or buy pond fountain kits with inbuilt multiple fountain heads. Install the fountains at various points within the pond, or group them together to create a greater water display.

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